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About Benchmarking and Assessment

To manage process efficiently, software development organizations must focus on understanding how they perform. Key measures of performance include productivity rate, project time-to-market, project deliverable quality, and staffing. Assessing the results of software process is a starting point, but it does not provide context by itself – it is not sufficient for a complete understanding of status, how, and where to improve. Benchmarking – comparison to appropriate peers and best-in-class organizations – allows these measures to be used with the objective of improvement and prioritization.

About the SPR service

Benchmark assessments are based on a representative sample of completed projects in the client environment. Using both quantitative and qualitative information, SPR builds profiles of each project in our modeling tool, SPR KnowledgePLAN®.  We extract peer projects from the SPR Knowledge Base and compare the performance attributes to industry data (projects of similar size and classification.)   Comparison (peer data) groups may be based on technology platform (e.g., client/server, mainframe, web-based, data warehouse, etc.)  Alternatively, the comparison groups may be based on industry or regional context (e.g., telecommunications, financial services, government, etc.)

In addition to the quantitative benchmark comparisons, SPR gathers detailed qualitative information on each project. Our methodology includes a detailed cross-section of interviews of development staff interviews, focused on assessing the capabilities and constraints in effect during the life of the project

SPR Benchmark Process

Why SPR?

For over 25 years, SPR has been a leader in helping our clients appropriately analyze and make use of comparative data. SPR uses its expertise in measurement and state-of-the-art tools to assist clients in establishing accurate profiles of application and project baselines. At our core is the SPR Knowledge Base, a vast, international repository of project data that is formally and continuously maintained by our staff.

  • For a detailed description of our benchmarking services and examples of the assessment report, click this link: Benchmarking Process
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