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About Formal Software Project Estimation

Accurately planning and estimating software projects is an extremely difficult software management function.  Few organizations have established formal estimation processes, despite evidence that suggests that this is a “recipe for disaster.”  According to research conducted by SPR Chief Scientist Capers Jones, informal organizations are four times more likely to experience cancelled or delayed projects.

About the SPR Service

Tactical project estimates are conducted by SPR consultants using SPR KnowledgePLAN®, our leading estimation software solution. Estimation-related services include: validating existing plans, implementing automated software estimation tools, implementing function point sizing techniques, linking project estimation to project management initiatives, and collecting historical project data to improve future estimation efforts.


Why SPR?

For over 25 years, SPR has been a leader in helping our clients analyze and make use of historical data and parametric models for formal estimates. SPR builds and markets sophisticated modeling tools that use state-of-the-art technology and engineered statistical data. Whether assisted by our consultants, or as individual users of the estimation tool SPR KnowledgePLAN®, our customers obtain highly accurate and consistent predictions of project delivery, duration, quality, and staffing.

At the core of our most recent product, SPR KnowledgePLAN®, is the SPR Knowledge Base, a vast, international repository of project data that is formally and continuously maintained by our staff.