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About Software Metrics Consulting

The software industry is constantly changing: new tools and technologies, new business problems, and new challenges. In every organization, timely, accurate management of projects is a priority. Professional management of the software engineering process requires constant measurement and calibration against benchmarks to effectively manage and improve performance. In addition, consulting includes deployment of appropriate tools and techniques to allow the organization to operate independently for the long term.

About the SPR Service

Whether a client is progressing through constructs like the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMMI®), seeking more efficient performance from software suppliers, or quantifying return on investment, SPR’s goal is to provide software managers with a set of tangible data points for sizing, estimating, managing and controlling software projects with rigor and precision.

In order to achieve an environment that has quantitative, repeatable measures, a formal metrics discipline must be implemented. We refer to this as a “Metrics Center of Excellence.” The charter of this organization is to promote and support quantitative management from within, for the long term. Primary activities include:

  • Defining a clear metrics vision in the context of overall organizational objectives
  • Building and supporting client staff expertise in use of the methodologies necessary for metrics
  • Establishing consistent policies and procedures to be used in implementing and managing a metrics program
  • Identifying the best practices for successful software organization behavior and propagating those practices where they do not exist
  • Addressing the organization political issues and working with management to institutionalize the measurement program

Why SPR?

For 25 years, SPR has been a leader in the field of software metrics, estimation, and performance benchmarking. We leverage a vast knowledge base of project performance and quality data to help clients monitor, control, and improve. With expert tools and techniques, we assist our clients in all aspects of metrics and measurement institutionalization:

At our core is the SPR Knowledge Base, a vast, international repository of project data that is formally and continuously maintained by our staff.

  • For a detailed description of our benchmarking services and examples of the assessment report, click this link: Metrics Consulting
  • Contact SPR about this service: